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October 12 (Tue.) Registration begins.
October 13 (Wed.) / Full Day

Workshops, Tutorials, Demonstrations and Exhibitions

October 14 (Thur.) / Full Day

Keynote Speech 1

Paper presentation (Technical and Arts/Media/Humanities)

Demonstrations and Exhibitions


Tracking Competition


October 15 (Fri.) / Full Day

Keynote Speech 2

Paper presentation (Technical and Arts/Media/Humanities)

Demonstrations and Exhibitions


Tracking Competition


October 16 (Sat.) / Half Day

Paper presentation (Technical and Arts/Media/Humanities)

Closing Ceremony

Palace Tour (Afternoon)


Henry Fuchs, Professor at Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the recipient of the 1992 ACM-SIGGRAPH Achievement Award, the 1992 Academic Award of the National Computer Graphics Association, and the 1997 Satava Award of the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference.

Boris Debackere, Lab Manager at V2, The Netherlands

Boris Debackere, an artist and researcher, is currently serving as the lab director of V2_, a place for artistic research and development (aRt&d) bringing together artists, technicians and scientist to work in the field of art and technology. The current major domains of research in V2_ are augmented reality and wearable technology. Debackere teaches at the Sint-Lukas Academy in Brussels, where he leads the Transmedia department. As a media artist his main interest is the possible integration of different expressions forms, with an emphasis on electronic sound and image.

Paper & Poster Presentation

Science & Technology Paper 
Art, Media & Humanities Paper

Arts, Media and Humanities Program

For the second consecutive year, we are really delighted to present the Arts, Media and Humanities program (AMH) for ISMAR 2010. The program include:

  • Art Gallery,
  • Paper/posters presentation,
  • discussion panels,
  • Open Sessions,
  • Creative Contests.

Click here for more information about the content and also how to contribute !

Note: The full schedule of the AMH Program is also now available in pdf format: Program Schedule



The ISMAR 2010 conference and exhibition will be preceded by a full day of optional workshops. Through workshops, the community of people working and studying Mixed and Augmented Reality has an open and flexible environment suitable for sharing information and knowledge.


To register for an ISMAR workshop, you must register for the conference. The workshop fee is $200 for IEEE members who register prior to September 9, up to $350 for the day, for those who are not IEEE members and elect to register on-site or after September 9. More information on the ISMAR 2010 Workshop registration process and fees can be found here.

ISMAR2010 attendees will be able to choose from the following full day workshops to be held on Wednesday October 13, 2010:

  • Mobile AR Summit (emphasis on commercialization) click

  • Devices that Alter Perception click

  • Augmented Reality Super Models click

  • Mobile-AR Application Contest with Samsung Wave Phone & Workshop click

More info to come ...


October 13, 2010

  • 09:00-17:00 Fundamentals of Head Worn Displays organized by Jannick Rolland -(Room 311)

  • 09:00-12:30 Development Cycles for Qualified Usability Testing In Augmented Reality organized by Marcus Tönnis -(Room 316)

  • 09:00-12:00 Developing With Qualcomm’S Augmented Reality Platform organized by Qualcomm -(Room 401)
    • AnAugmented Reality Applications, Markets, and Qualcomm AR Developer Challenge
      (Jay Wright, Director, Qualcomm)
    • Introduction to Android Development for AR (Istvan Barakonyi, Staff Engineer, Qualcomm)
    • Developing with the Qualcomm AR SDK (Daniel Wagner, Principal Engineer, Qualcomm)
    • Game Design with the Qualcomm AR Extension for Unity
      (Professor Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Tech and Qualcomm Game Studio)

    The Tutorial Schedule Download

Laboratory Demonstrations and Research Showcases

    Detail Information Download

Tracking Competition

  • Many tracking technologies for Augmented Reality have been proposed so far. To allow a fair comparison of the state-of-the art a tracking competition has been organized. Tracking quality is to be evaluated on a concrete and reasonably realistic industrial task. The competition is open to both academic and commercial participants. This contest mainly follows the points system of ISMAR2009 except for an additional rule which gives more credits according to the difficulty level assigned to each object. More details about this contest are available on the web.

    Detail Information Download



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