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  • The COEX complex is a prominent landmark in Seoul. Located in the central business area, COEX complex is a destination for business, shopping, entertainment, and more. With a world-class convention and exhibition center, Asia's largest underground shopping mall, restaurants and entertainment facilities, COEX complex is a great place to go in Seoul.

Address: COEX, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-731, Korea
Telephone: +82-2-6000-0114

Coex Mall

  • As the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, Coex Mall has a lot to offer. Here you can find not only shopping, entertainment and fine dining but also a variety of cultural activities. There are about 200 stores with national and International brands. Visit the 16-screen multiplex cinema, Megabox, the Aquarium, the Kimchi Museum. For more information, please visit the website

  • Restaurants: Dining options are endless in Coex Mall: Enjoy a quick meal in the food court, at McDonalds or Burger King or take your time and relax in one of our themed restaurants such as Marche´, On The Border or T.G.I. Friday’s. For seafood lovers Todai Restaurant would be the perfect spot with their scrumptious seafood buffet. There is also a vast variety of Asian restaurants ranging from Korean and Chinese to Japanese food. Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Pascucci and Dunkin Donuts are just a few of the many coffee shops here at Coex. There is something for every taste.

  • Shopping: Shop in the wide selection of stores in Coex Mall and look for your favorite Korean or international brand. As the most popular mall in Seoul, Coex Mall has a very unique international flair. Once you enter you might feel like home with brands present such as NIKE, ZARA, Levis and Apple. Enjoy the fun and positive ambience and spoil yourself to something new.

  • Megabox: Megabox consists of 16 theaters of modern and spacious interior. The theater features the European Film Festival annually and hence provides its audience with a unique experience unlike any other here in Korea. Since its opening, Megabox has been a popular destination for people of all ages.

  • Aquarium: Located inside Coex Mall, the Aquarium is divided into four themes: an Ocean Theme Park with 40,000 creatures of marine wildlife of 650 species, the Water Journey where visitors experience other diverse marine life following the water from a high mountain to the deep sea, the Undersea Tunnel, which passes through 2,500 tons of sea water and a walkway that takes you through exhibits of sharks and other marine life.

  • Kimchi Museum: The Kimchi Museum at Coex Mall introduces 187 varieties of kimchi to its visitors. Kimchi, which is made of fermented cabbage and spicy hot pepper sauce, is a Korean staple. The different variations are made with radish, garlic stalks, eggplant and mustard leaf, and many other ingredients. Visitors can learn about the history of kimchi, how it’s made and about its nutritional effects. It is believed that kimchi is beneficial to our health and that it is great for dieting.



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