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October 14, 2010

Science & Technology
Lobby (4F)
PP14-01 k-MART: Authoring Tool for Mixed Reality Contents
Jinhyuk Choi, Youngsun Kim, Myonghee Lee, Gerard J. Kim (Digital Experience Laboratory Korea University), Yanghee Nam (Dept. of Digital Media Ewha Womans University), Yongmoo Kwon (Imaging Media Research Center Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
PP14-02 An Automatic Parallax Adjustment Method for Stereoscopic Augmented Reality Systems
Wen-Chao Chen, Fu-Jen Hsiao, Chung-Wei Lin (Electronics & Optoelectronics Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute)
PP14-03 KHARMA: An Open KML/HTML Architecture for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications
Alex Hill, Blair MacIntyre, Maribeth Gandy, Brian Davidson, Hafez Rouzati (GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology)
PP14-04 3D Discrepancy Check via Augmented Reality
Svenja Kahn, Harald Wuest (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD)), Didier Stricker (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), University of Kaiserslautern), Dieter W. Fellner (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research & TU Darmstadt)
PP14-05 Range-Finding Projectors: Visualizing Range Information without Sensors
Shingo Kagami (Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University)
PP14-06 Haptic Simulation of Breast Cancer Palpation: A Case Study of Haptic Augmented Reality
Seokhee Jeon (POSTECH), Benjamin Knoerlein, Matthias Harders (ETH, Zurich), Seungmoon Choi (POSTECH)
PP14-07 Floyd-Warshall All-Pair Shortest Path for Accurate Multi-Marker Calibration
Lejing Wang, Maximilian Springer, Hauke Heibel, Nassir Navab (Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP), TU Munich)
PP14-08 Augmentation of Check in/out Model for Remote Collaboration with Mixed Reality
Ginga Kamei, Takeshi Matsuyama (Keio University), Ken-ichi Okada (Keio University Japan Science and Technology Agency)
PP14-09 SnapAR: Storing Snapshots for Quick Viewpoint Switching in Hand-Held Augmented Reality
Mengu Sukan, Steven Feiner (Columbia University)
PP14-10 MTMR: A Conceptual Interior Design Framework Integrating Mixed Reality with the Multi-Touch Tabletop Interface
Dong Wei, Steven Zhiying Zhou, Du Xie (National University of Singapore)
PP14-11 A Precise Controllable Projection System For Projected Virtual Characters And Its Calibration
Jochen Ehnes (The University of Edinburgh)
PP14-12 Time-Domain Augmented Reality Based on Locally Adaptive Video Sampling
Tatsuro Orikasa, Shingo Kagami, Koichi Hashimoto ( Tohoku University)
PP14-13 Camera Pose Navigation using Augmented Reality
Jun Shingu (FujiXerox Co., Ltd.), Eleanor Rieffel, Don Kimber, Jim Vaughan, Pernilla Qvarfordt (FX Palo Alto Laboratory Inc.), Kathleen Tuite (University of Washington)
PP14-14 EXMAR: EXpanded view of Mobile Augmented Reality
Sungjae Hwang, Hyungeun Jo, Jung-hee Ryu (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
PP14-15 Designing and Comparing Two-Handed Gestures to Confirm Links between User Controlled Objects T¨onnis
Patrick Maier, Marcus T¨onnis, Gudrun Klinker, Fachgebiet Augmented Reality (FAR) Technische Universität München, Fakultät für Informatik, Boltzmannstraße 3, 85748 Garching b. München
PP14-16 ARCrowd-A Tangible Interface for Interactive Crowd Simulation
Feng Zheng, Hongsong Li (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Software, Beijing Institute of Technology)
PP14-17 Various Tangible Devices Suitable for Mixed Reality Interactions
Taichi Yoshida, Masashi Tsukadaira, Asako Kimura, Fumihisa Shibata, Hideyuki Tamura (Ritsumeikan University)
Art, Media & Humanities
Lobby (4F)
PP14-18 A Combined User Research Process for Designing Mobile AR Guide in Cultural Heritage
Ying-Wei Toh, Ji-Hong Jeung, Young-Hwan Pan (Interaction Design Lab, Graduate School of Techno Design, Kookmin University)
PP14-19 A Day at The Museum: An Augmented Fine-art Exhibit
Anne Bationo Tillon, Eric Marchand, Jean Laneurit, Fabien Servant, Isabelle Marchal, Pascal Houlier (Orange Labs - INRIA Rennes - Université de Rennes 1)
PP14-20 AR-Enabled Wayfinding Kiosk
Andrew Edwards, Brent Elmer, Beom Sik Kim, Katie Smith (Carnegie Mellon University)
PP14-21 Augmented Reality Window: Digital Reconstruction of a Historical and Cultural Site for Smart Phones
Jiyoung Kang, Jung-hee Ryu (KAIST)
PP14-22 Reality through the Invisible Interface
Hugh Davies (Monash University, Australian Network for Art and Technology)

October 15, 2010

Science & Technology
Lobby (4F)
PP15-01 Light-Weight Marker Hiding For Augmented Reality
Otto Korkalo, Miika Aittala, Sanni Siltanen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
PP15-02 AR-based Visibility Evaluation for Preserving Landscapes of Historical Buildings
Nobuyoshi Yabuki (Osaka University), Kyoko Miyashita (Hyogo Prefecture), Tomohiro Fukuda (Osaka University)
PP15-03 An Immersive e-Learning System Providing Virtual Experience
SuWoong Lee, Jong-gook Ko, Seokbin Kang, Junsuk Lee (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
PP15-04 Augmented Telepresence Using Autopilot Airship and Omni-Directional Camera
Fumio Okura, Masayuki Kanbara, Naokazu Yokoya (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, NAIST))
PP15-05 Digital Diorama System for Museum Exhibition
Oribe Hayashi, Kazuhiro Kasada (University of Tokyo), Takuji Narumi (The University of Tokyo ), Tomohiro Tanikawa, Michitaka Hirose (The University of Tokyo)
PP15-06 Generating Vision based Lego Augmented Reality Training and Evaluation Systems
Timo Engelke, Sabine Webel (Fraunhofer IGD, Germany), Nirit Gavish (Technion-Israel, Institute of Technology)
PP15-07 Origami Recognition System Using Natual Feature Tracking
Kening Zhu, Owen Noel Newton Fernando, Adrian David Cheok (Keio-NUS CUTE Center), Mark Fiala (Ryerson University), Theam Wei Yang (Keio-NUS CUTE Center)
PP15-08 3DOF Tracking Accuracy Improvement for Outdoor Augmented Reality
Joonsuk Park , Jun Park (Hongik University)
PP15-09 PoP-EYE Environment: Mixed Reality Using 3D Photo Collections
Frank Nagl, Paul Grimm, Bastian Birnbach (Erfurt University of Applied Sciences), Daniel F. Abawi (HTWdS - Saarbruecken University of Applied Sciences)
PP15-10 Large Area Indoor Tracking for Industrial Augmented Reality
Fabian Scheer (Daimler AG), Stefan Müler (University Koblenz)
PP15-11 Camera Motion Tracking in a Dynamic Scene
Jung-Jae Yu, Jae-Hean Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
PP15-12 Color Harmonization for Augmented Reality
Lukas Gruber, Denis Kalkofen, Dieter Schmalstieg (Graz University of Technology)
PP15-13 Painterly Rendering with Coherence for Augmented Reality
Jiajian Chen, Greg Turk, Blair MacIntyre (Georgia Institute of Technology)
PP15-14 Sensor Synchronization for AR Applications
Tuomas Kantonen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
PP15-15 A Multi-Sensor Platform for Wide-area Tracking
Christian Waechter, Manuel Huber, Peter Keitler, Michael Schlegel, Gudrun Klinker (Technische Universität Müchen), Daniel Pustka (Advanced Realtime tracking GmbH)
PP15-16 Video Stabilization To a Global 3D Frame Of Reference By Fusing Orientation Sensor And Image Alignment Data
Oscar Nestares, Yoram Gat, Horst Haussecker , Igor Kozintsev (Intel Labs, Santa Clara)
PP15-17 Extended Investigations of User-Related Issues in Mobile Industrial AR
Jens Grubert (Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF), Daniel Hamacher (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg), Rüiger Mecke (Fraunhofer IFF), Irina Boeckelmann, Lutz Schega (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg), Anke Huckauf, Mario Urbina (Ulm University), Michael Schenk (Fraunhofer IFF), Fabian Doil , Johannes Tümler (Volkswagen AG),
PP15-18 Validating Spatial Augmented Reality for Interactive Rapid Prototyping
Shane Porter, Michael Marner, Ross Smith, Joanne Zucco, Bruce Thomas (University of South Australia)
PP15-19 Augmented Reality in Large Environments : Application to Aided Navigation in Urban Context
Vincent Gay-Bellile, Pierre Lothe, Steve Bourgeois (CEA LIST), Eric Royer (LASMEA / UBP), Sylvie Naudet Collette (CEA LIST)
PP15-20 Augmented Reality for Board Games
Eray Molla, Vincent Lepetit (EPFL, CVLab)
PP15-21 North-centred Orientation Tracking on Mobile Phones
Gerhard Schall, Alessandro Mulloni, Gerhard Reitmayr (Graz University of Technology)



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