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â–  Art, Media & Humanities

October 14, 2010

Keynote Address 1
Room 402

Augmenting Reality for Medicine, Training, Presence and Telepresence
Henry Fuchs (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Coffee Break
Artist Talk
Room 403
1 Minute Madness Poster and DemoTeasers
Room 402, 403
Room 314, 315
Lobby (4F)
Tracking Competition
Room 310
S1: AR Experiences for Creative Places
Room 403

- Chair: To be announced
ParticipArt: Exploring Participation in Interactive Art Installations :
Giulio Jacucci (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT University of Helsinki), Mira Wagner, Ina Wagner (Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology, Vienna University of Technology), Elisa Giaccardi (Departamento de Informática Instituto de Cultura y Tecnología Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Mauro Annunziato (Alessandro Perini, Natacha Roussel, Susanne Schuricht), Nell Breyer (Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Jonas Hansen (Academy of Media Arts Cologne), Kazuhiro Jo (Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts), Stijn Ossevoort (Luzern University of Applied Art and Sciences)

Scenario: Co-Evolution, Shared Autonomy and Mixed Reality
Dennis Del Favero (iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, The University of New South Wales), Timothy S. Barker (iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, The University of New South Wales)

Thinking Inside the Box: Making Meaning in a Handheld Augmented Reality Experience
Evan Barba, Blair MacIntyre (Augmented Environments Lab Georgia Institute of Technology), Rebecca Rouse, Jay Bolter (Digital Performance Initiative Georgia Institute of Technology)

“Wonder Turner” and “The Amazing Cinemagician” Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Art Installations
Helen Papagiannis (York University)

AMH-Session 2 : AR Experiences for Services
Room 403

- Chair: To be announced
OutRun: Exploring Seamful Design in the Development of an Augmented Reality Art Project
Garnet Hertz (Center for Computer Games and virtual Worlds Institute for Software Research University of California Irvine), Jong Weon Lee (Mixed Reality & Integration Laboratory Sejong University), Chris Guevara (Center for Computer Games and virtual Worlds Institute for Software Research University of California Irvine)

The Westwood Experience: Connecting Story to Locations Via Mixed Reality
Jason Wither, Rebecca Allen, Vids Samanta, Juha Hemanus, Yun-Ta Tsai, Ronald Azuma, Will Carter, Rachel Hinman, Thommen Korah (Nokia Research Center - Hollywood)

An Integrated Design Flow in User Interface and Interaction For Enhancing Mobile AR Gaming Experiences
Raymond Koon Chuan Koh, Henry Been-Lirn Duh, Jian Gu (Interactive and Digital Media Institute, National University of Singapore)

Flavor Visualization: Taste guidance in co-cooking system for coexistence
Yongsoon Choi, Adrian David Cheok and Veronica Halupka (Keio-NUS CUTE Center in Keio University) and Jose Sepulveda and Roshan Peris and Jeffrey Koh and Wang Xuan and Wei Jun and Abeyrathne Dilrukshi (Keio-NUS CUTE Center in National University of Singapore) and Yamaguchi Tomoharu and Maiko Kamata and Daishi Kato and Keiji Yamada (NEC C & C Innovation Research Laboratories)



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