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Creative practices have traditionally maintained a commitment to deal with emerging technologies and how they affect all areas within other disciplines. The ability to develop inter and trans-disciplinary approaches across these areas are increasing rapidly, paving the way for participation in the world of science, culture and technology. Creative practice is continually re-delineating its definitions of materials and contexts within the new modalities in which it operates. Augmented and mixed reality is an example of how creative practice has begun to integrate itself with an emerging technology in order to pose new articulations that question areas ranging from identity, to spatial mediations, notions of reality, the role of the body and the potential of such technologies, to name but a few examples.

Today there appears to be a need for improved collective knowledge and information resources about creative mixed and augmented reality practices, particularly from a research-based outcomes perspective. There also has been need to consolidate the classification and evaluation of mixed and augmented mediums for creative practice and research. The role of the creative researcher has changed due to field’s hybridization with technology-based disciplines. Collaborative practice has also furthered our reliance on digital archiving and data basing research findings. Without digital archives and databases important resources and research can be lost, deleted, or hidden away making it difficult and slow to source.

As a large part of scholarly work is systematically referenced in scientific publisher databases, there is a definite need to aggregate and archive work coming from the creative sector. An online portal that archives and databases such work seems to be a necessary progression for an emerging new field such as this.

The ISMAR AMH Portal aims to use the ISMAR conference as a mixed and augmented reality research information platform to begin to collect works, demos and research projects in order to archive them to a ground portal accessible by all.

As the flow of information is currently wide spread and there are currently a selection of adequate news sources and feeds available, we are not aiming to overlap anything currently in circulation, rather we aim to focus only on a permanent archive that relies on an open approach to participation. We would like to encourage your participation to shape this project, in terms of both content and format.

Your participation

If you are an artist, student, a company, a media provider, please send us basic details about you, your work and we will add it to our portal.

Contact us at with:

  • as email subject ISMAR10: portal
  • the type of category: art installation/performance, event (this include marketing campaign), product, scholar, artist/individual, company.
  • a link to a website or any online reference of your work, product or homepage.

If you have any recommendations on the format to gather and present this information, we are welcome to any suggestions.



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